Brussels Sprouts - Markets are short due to strong demand and lighter supplies. Citrus - Lemons & Oranges: sizing will be a challenge this season. Sugar Snap Peas - The western market will be active for about 10 days due to gap in production. Celery - Demand has softened and the market is coming down quickly; quality is good. Tomatoes - Romas: demand far exceeds supply, quality remains good with the market on the rise. 
Blueberries - Supplies are shorter with a gap coming. Garlic - Supply will be your biggest concern. Cucumbers - GA has good volume and quality, but the recent rain could cause issues with quality. Yellow Squash - Inconsistent weather has slowed production, creating low availability and high pricing. Grapes - Quality is good from the new domestic crop; sugars are beginning to increase, thanks to warming temperatures inland.