Avocados -Better supplies continue from Mexico, quality is good and fruit evenly ripening. Prices are easing. Squash - Supplies/quality are good on zucchini, with yellow squash limited from GA & FL, and a more consistent quality in zucchini than yellow squash. Onions - Yellow/red markets are low and demand is soft due to heavy supplies; whites are steady. Sizing/quality/supplies are very good this year on all colors. Celery - Markets will remain very active. Quality
Strawberries - Demand exceeds supply. Celery - Markets will remain very active through Thanksgiving. Mushrooms - Markets will be tight for 8-12 weeks due to weather, compost and demand. Apples - Small sizes limited. Citrus - Lemons: small fruit is peeking with very good quality; larger counts are limited. Limes: quality is good to very good. Oranges: navel quality is good. Bananas - Good quality and low pricing.