Cauliflower - Demand is good; supplies have slowed due to colder weather. Mushrooms - Demand is high; availability is lower as we continue into our annual holiday pull. Broccolini - Demand exceeds supply; cold weather is slowing growth. Broccoli Rabe - Demand exceeds supply with cold days and nights affecting production. Chopped Romaine - Quality concerns on raw product affected by high, then low temps. Tomatoes - FL rounds are in full swing; markets are
Tomatoes - Rounds: FL round are in full swing, markets steady and quality is good. Roma: market is slightly active; crops are favoring the XL and LG sizes, demand is good. Cauliflower - Expect an elevated market and light supplies for the next 7-14 days. Cucumbers - Good production and quality with great color from FL this week, with plenty of Selects, Supers and Carton available. Onions - Yellow/red markets are low and demand is