Lettuce - Iceberg: markets are unsettled; quality is mostly fair to good. Tomatoes - Roma & Round: Overall volume across the U.S. and Mexico is extremely low. Onions - The new crop hss started in WA/ID with good quality. Cauliflower - Markets are starting to move upward. Quality is mostly fair to good. Asparagus - The supply chain is starting to recover and volume is beginning to arrive in Miami. Supply vs. demand should start
Cucumbers - Supplies have tightened from heat, bloom drop and rain; quality is average. Supplies expected to improve over next 10-14 days. Tomatoes - Cherry & Grape: The market is volatile with significantly reduced suppliers and strong demand across the U.S. and Mexico. Broccoli - The market is very active. The industry is facing shortages over the next 7 - 14 days. Citrus - Lemons and Oranges: sizing is an issue, if you can, be